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RASHA SAWAS, from Luxemborg.


Fields of interest and expertise:

  • Interior Architecture

  • Fashion Designer

  • Bodypainter

  • Artist, and Member of Luxembourg, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon and Omani Society of Fine Art




2015   Approved Bachelor( Interior Architecture) from Le Ministre de I'Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche / Luxembourg.

2000-2003   Graduated from the Fashion Design (ESMOD) International French School/1997   Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (Interior Architecture).

1992   Graduated from Adham Ismail Fine Arts. 


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2009   "Karizma" Art Gallery/Kuwait.

2007  "Fine Art" Gallery/Kuwait.

2005 "BAIT LOZAN" /Kuwait.

2002  "Naseer Shora "Gallery.

1999  "Rivera" Hotel International Latakia.

1996   "AL Sayd" Gallery/Damascus.

1994 " Fine Art".  

1992  "Fine Art"  Gallery.


Selected Group exhibitions:

2021 Body painting Festival /Austria . 

2021 Trio De Femmes / Luxembourg .

2019 SCHLASSFEST / Luxembourg .

2019 Body painting Academy / Austria .

2019 Body painting Festival/ Paris. ( WBA)

2018 Beaufort Festival / Luxembourg.

2018 Bodypainting Festival /Austria. (WBA)

2018 SCHLASSFEST,  with MERSCH commune / Luxembourg.

2017 Trois femmes, trois visages, trois vies. Mersch / Luxembourg.

2017 KONST festival 27. open air. LELLGEN / Luxembourg.

2017 SCHLASSFEST,  with MERSCH commune / Luxembourg.

2017 Konscht&KulturFestival BOUS /Luxembourg.

2016 SCHLASSFEST,  with MERSCH commune / Luxembourg.

2016   Biennale Reg art sur le monde (Schungfabrik)Tetange /Luxembourg.

2015 "Art La Ferme" Exhibition, Eppeldorf with artist PATRICIA  LIPPERT/


2013-2014 Created and managing project of (SYNERGY ART) with Oman society of Fine art.

2014 "Annual Art Exhibition" Oman/Muscat.

2013 "Woman's Art Symposium" Cultures Dialogue, Oman/Muscat.

2003 "International Women Arts" Organized by Le Pont Art Gallery, Aleppo/Syria.

2012"Women and Arts International Vision" Expo, Sharjah /UAE.

2010 " Through Arabian Eyes" the International Financial Centre, Dubai/ UAE.

1998 "Al-Sham Hotel Art Symposium" Syria/ Damascus.

1997 "An Exhibit" at the French Culture Center, Syria/Damascus.


Awards and Events:

2013  "Second Prize" in Woman's Art Symposium Cultures Dialogue / Oman, Muscat.
2011 "Fighting Hunger" Exhibited at The National Museum of Damascus.

2005 "Second prize" in Bait Lozan Expo/Kuwait.

2000 "The first Prize" of Fashion Designer at ESMOD Fashion French School.
1995 Fine Arts Syndicate Award, Damascus/Syria.

1993" First prize in painting in College of Fine Art/Damascus.



Public Collections include "The National Museum of Damascus".

The French Council Collection of Damascus, The Omani Fine Art Society/Oman.


Rasha's works can be found in private collections in the following countries:

Luxembourg, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Damascus, Lebanon, Oman, Spain, Turkey& United Arab Emirates.


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I believe in channelling my creative urges in order to produce unique artwork. My inspiration for my work is the miracle of life. RASHASAWAS is born out of a combination of my education, training, and experience, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary. Art is how I battle against the indifference of humans and offer new ways of viewing the world.

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"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"

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